Burn Injury Types

Burn injuries are possibly the most painful of all injuries. If you’ve suffered a second, third, or fourth degree burn, it’s likely that it will do permanent damage. Most burn injury types produce scarring. Complications may include infection, sepsis, gangrene, amputation, shock, organ failure, and lung problems. Approximately 3,500 burn victims die every year, three-quarters of those from infection. If you’ve been badly burned, it may be the result of someone else’s negligence. Burn injuries are common in car accidents, truck accidents, premises accidents, and workplace accidents, or caused by someone’s poor driving. We can help you cope with many issues that often accompany a burn injury. Call Us Toll Free 833-338-8230 or Direct 619-338-8230.


• Thermal burns are what we typically think of when it comes to burn injuries. They include burns from contact with hot surfaces, steam, or flames.

• Chemical burns are caused by substances such as acids, bases, and hydrocarbons. The severity depends on the type and concentration of the chemical and how long it remains in contact with the skin. Chemicals continue to burn until they are neutralized or diluted.

• Electrical burns can be of several types. True electrical burns result from direct contact with an electric current traveling through the body, creating characteristic burns at the entry and exit points, with the exit wound usually being the larger.

• Arc burns occur when electrical current jumps from its source to the ground, for example from a high-tension wire, and passes through the body of a person nearby. Electricity can also cause thermal burns when sparks ignite clothing.

• Road burn is caused by friction between the skin and the pavement and is common in traffic accidents, especially motorcycle crashes, and pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents involving cars or trucks.


Extensive traumatic burn injuries usually cause lifelong physical and, in many cases, psychological damage. Victims, especially those with facial burns, frequently suffer terrible emotional anguish and become socially isolated, preferring to avoid showing their disfigurement to others.

The cost of treating the many burn injury types can be staggering. To give you an idea, a burn covering 30 percent of body area can cost as much as $200,000 just for the initial hospitalization. On top of that there are usually additional expenses for reconstruction and rehabilitation. And this is before you even consider the cost of lost earnings and the psychological counseling that is often necessary. We can help you cope with many issues that accompany a burn injury. Call Us Toll Free 833-338-8230 or Direct 619-338-8230.

Because burns typically require multiple surgeries and years of rehabilitative physical and psychological therapy at such a high cost, you will need to recover enough money to provide for long term treatment and living expenses when you can’t return to work. You are also entitled to compensation for those non-economic losses that are such a large part of burn injury damages: excruciating pain, terrible physical and mental suffering, embarrassing disfigurement, and loss of function and the ability to enjoy a meaningful life.

You’ll need a lawyer with extensive experience in handling the many burn injury types and to investigate and identify all parties whose negligence may have contributed to the accident, along with access to experts to investigate the causes of the accident and provide testimony on liability and damages, when necessary. Call us Toll Free at 833-338-8230 or please visit The Burn Institute for more info.

Burn Injury Types