Encinitas Coast Highway

Encinitas Mayor wants major changes to be made to North Coast Highway 101 after Roberta Walker (a well-known bicycle safety advocate) was seriously injured while riding her bike.

Roberta Walker was hit by a truck on the highway early Saturday, just a block or two from her Encinitas home. Suffering from broken bones, as well as injuries to her brain and spine. Walker heads Cardiff 101 Main Street has been an outspoken supporter of a plan called North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape.

The City of Encinitas wants to create a dedicated bike lane in both directions, add crosswalks, sidewalks and install traffic roundabouts in six locations along a two and a half mile stretch of 101.

To make room for a separate bike lane, the road would be reconfigured to reduce vehicle traffic from two lanes to one.

Opponents of Streetscape have argued that the new design will lead to traffic congestion and make access to the beaches more difficult.

Mayor Blakespear and those who hold Roberta Walker in high regard said there are no good reasons for any more delays.

Encinitas Coast Highway