An injured worker was told to go back to work

While working in a restaurant, a tray with about 30 glasses fell on Jim’s right shoulder. The pain was immediate and upon notifying his boss, he told him to continue working, and that it would surely go away in a few days. However, the discomfort went further, but his boss continued to ignore his persistent requests to report the accident and even had him working with one hand. Jim accepted these conditions for a few weeks, because his family was depended on the money he earned to survive, but he reached a point where he could not take it anymore and went to the hospital. After an x-ray and a CT scan, doctors diagnosed him with rota-tor cuff and right tendon injuries that could only be repaired with an operation.

Jim went back to his boss asking him to sign some papers they gave him in the hospital to confirm he worked in the restaurant, but his boss told him that he could not help him.

Jim ended up needing three operations, as his injuries worsened due to not receiving treatment on time and, unable to work, he had to borrow money. “I suffered a lot that I do not even remember. Thank goodness I got a personal injury lawyers to fight for me and won my case. I did not know that I had rights and that gave me a lot of encouragement. It’s terrible how you feel when you are discriminated against,” Jim explains.

Currently, Jim is working again and can pay the debts incurred during the time he was off. “The accident marked a before and after in my life, I had to make many sacrifices, but thankfully today I can earn my daily bread and continue to help my family which is most important,” Jim concluded.