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Thousands of people across the nation sustain spinal injuries every year. Causes range from car crashes, botched surgeries, serious falls, and sports accidents. Whatever the cause, spinal cord injuries can have serious, and even deadly, repercussions, so if you were injured as a result of another person’s negligent or reckless behavior, it is critical to speak to an experienced spine injury lawyer who will aggressively protect your interests and help you obtain compensation.

A serious spine injury changes the victim’s life forever. Suddenly, that person is immobilized or partially paralyzed. He or she may not be able to earn a living with his or her current skills. The lives of family members change in dramatic ways too. The burden of providing care often falls on them.

San Diego Injury Law Center is a firm that helps the victims of spine injuries obtain medical treatment, rehabilitation services, and long-term care. We obtain compensation that can enhance the lives of our clients, ease the burdens they must bear, and help them live richer and more meaningful lives. Call us toll free 619-338-8230 today for free advice.

Spinal Cord Basics

The spinal cord is a collection of nerves extending from the brain through the spinal canal and allows the brain to process commands to the muscles, heart, lungs, and bowels. The spinal canal is protected by the chest, neck, and lower back vertebrae. When these vertebrae are damaged, the spinal cord is left vulnerable to further damage through trauma, loss of blood supply, or compression caused by a tumor or infection.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Many spinal cord injuries occur when the spine is pulled, compressed, or pressed sideways as is often the case in a car crash where the head, neck, or back are twisted or sustain a sudden traumatic blow. This can result in spinal fractures or dislocated vertebrae, which in turn can cause the displaced fragments to bruise or tear the spinal cord tissue. This disrupts the signals sent by the nerve cells between the brain and the rest of the body. Vertebral damage can also lead to fluid buildup, swelling, and bleeding both inside and outside the spinal cord.

Spinal cord injuries are divided into two categories. A complete injury is one that causes a complete loss of sensation and muscle function, while an incomplete injury means that a degree of function remains. Most spinal cord injuries are caused by trauma, and are often associated with car crashes. Spinal injuries can result in serious mobility and sensory problems.

Other common causes of spinal cord injury include:

∙ Falls from great heights
∙ Sporting accidents
∙ Acts of violence
∙ Compression caused by the presence of a tumor, infection, or inflammation
∙ A lack of blood supply

The most common Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms include:

∙ Weakness
∙ Loss of muscle function
∙ Muscle spasms
∙ Loss of sensation
∙ Numbness
∙ Pain
∙ Other sensory changes
∙ Bowel dysfunction
∙ Bladder dysfunction
∙ Loss of sexual function
∙ Loss of speech function
∙ Difficulty breathing

Possible Treatments

After being involved in an injury-causing accident, the injured parties should seek immediate medical attention where physicians will be able to take a medical history and perform an examination. During the examination, the doctor will ask a variety of questions about the details surrounding the incident that caused the injury. This makes it especially important for patients to obtain medical advice as quickly as possible after the accident, while the details are still fresh in their minds. The physician will also make a note of any prior injuries or surgeries, other medical conditions, and whether the patient is exhibiting any symptoms indicative of a spinal injury.

The doctor will then most likely perform additional tests, including:

∙ X-ray of the neck and back to identify fractures or dislocations
∙ A CT Scan, which is more advanced imaging test
∙ A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, which shows damage to tissue, ligaments, nerves, and inter-vertebral discs

Although a doctor may prescribe steroids in an effort to reduce inflammation and swelling, many injuries are so severe that surgery is a necessity. Surgery may be needed to realign bones, remove bone fragments, or fuse broken bones.

There are two main goals in spinal surgeries, including:

Relieving pressure on the spinal cord, which may require surgeons to remove pieces of broken vertebrae to decrease compression. Stabilizing the spine through the placement of screws, rods, and plates that help hold the vertebrae together so that the spinal cord is not damaged further.

Unfortunately, spinal surgery poses a variety of risks, including:

∙ Pressure sores
∙ Urinary tract infections
∙ Loss of bowel control
∙ Lung infections
∙ Blood clots
∙ Chronic pain
∙ Muscle spasms
∙ Changes in blood pressure
∙ Kidney disease
∙ Depression

After successful surgeries, patients must focus on physical therapy and rehabilitation. Many patients are put on bed-rest while their injuries heal or are required to use spinal traction, which requires the injured party to wear a harness that has metal braces attached and so keeps the spine from moving.

A Record of Success

San Diego Injury Law Center has handled numerous cases involving spine injuries, paralysis and other catastrophic injuries. Our lawyers understand how to lead successful litigation efforts to maximize the compensation our clients receive. We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Call 619-338-8230 today.

Our firm will focus on helping the spine injury victim obtain the care and services he or she needs to recover to the fullest extent possible. We will work with the victim’s doctor, medical specialists, and care planners to identify all of the care and services the victim will need over his or her lifetime. We will also calculate the lost earning power of the victim. Our claim will include a demand for full and complete compensation for the medical care, rehabilitation services, financial losses and suffering of the victim.

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